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Ernesto Ferriol

Ernesto Ferriol (b. Holguin, Cuba, 1971) He is considered a young master of drawing. An artist inheritor of the great Cuban masters of this field, from Menocal to Servando Cabrera Moreno. The foundation of his work lies in an exquisite linear drawing that blends perfectly with the watercolour technique. His strategy is to synthesize. Each element, figure, form,color and all possible symbolic means is wisely integrated into a very elaborated composition. He manages to imbue the subject with an emotional force capable of affecting the viewer. Each drawing is a fragment of reality laden with resonances and associations. Here all reverberates! The real and the imagined converge. The result of this fusion is the ingenious invention of the scene. Something that he has called “The vision”. His drawings function as illusions or mirages ever built by heart, creating ambiguous worlds, at once poetic and sordid. Ferriol’s watercolours come with plenty of humor and wickedness. In his erotic works( inspired by the Japanese Shunga) achieve somtimes, an explosive tension in which the borderline between erotica and political satire is blurred with absolute lack of inhibition.

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