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Miguel Saludes (b. Cuba, 1989) graduated from Florida International University with a BFA in 2012 and earned an MFA from the University of Florida in 2016. Saludes’ career now spans more than 10 years of exhibitions and his work has thus far been acquired by public and private collections across the state of Florida, New York, Louisiana, and California. Saludes currently lives and works between the cities of Bonita Springs and Miami, Florida.


The Impressionists, accepting the challenge of transcending figuration to capture a pure and sensorial reality: the patches of light from the sun’s rays through the leaves of a tree, the hazy imprecision of the sea mist, demonstrated that there was a reality that did not obey clarity. If by the 1860s there had been academies and art salons in Florida, their artists would have also undoubtedly been pioneers of Impressionism. The following is demonstrated to me by Miguel Saludes, an artist who, with a spontaneity unique to our time, captures light with loose, broken and fast brushstrokes which gives us this look into our environment, even evoking titles like The Artist´s Studio, 2018 where all of the pictorial elements seem touched by the light after the rain; in that brief and fleeting moment of the sunset on the west coast of Florida. In Till Death Do Us Part, 2018 Saludes proves that the Light and its decomposition over Florida is impressionistic by nature. 


Henry Ballate M.F.A.