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Ciro Quintana (b. Havana, Cuba, 1965). Founder of Puré Group, Quintana is one of the most iconic Cuban artists of the 80s. Throughout his career, his work has been exhibited at solo and group exhibitions in Cuba, the United States, Mexico, Dominican Republic, France, Germany, Peru, Venezuela, among other countries. Since 1993 he resides in Miami, Florida.


Independent curator and art critic Aldo Menéndez tell us about it: Ciro draws an enriching and obsessive propensity to Baroqueism, coupled with his fetishism for the image and the signs, with which he performs - without being ashamed of the mixtures - true sabbaths. For him, the mix becomes an alibi that justifies everything, taking advantage even of stylistic treatments of irreconcilable aspects, or bringing together with absolute defiance components of cultured art, with those of futile culture and serial propaganda.

Crónicas de un artista Cubano, Ciro Quintana