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Miami Contemporary Artist

Noel Dobarganes, Hernandez Flandez, Raul Proenza, Tony Rodríguez and Jorge Santos.


This pentarchy that is presented to us was not randomly selected. If these authors are here today is because there are internal wires that connect them. In the first place, we can mention an obvious one: they are all friends. This presentation, however, is the very first time that all of them can exhibit in exclusivity, by themselves. While on previous occasions they have been included in large collective exhibitions, they have never before worked as a closed group whose work is characterized between abstraction and figuration. In essence, this transit between one universe and another is a fundamental axis of the title and the curatorial exercise of the exhibition. In there the visitor can question the referent’s veracity or take it as a concrete fact. There are no limits in these rooms: doesn’t exist –between the pictures- the transition that the palate needs to adapt to taste. Abstraction and figuration go together hand in hand, becoming more or less evident in the modus operandi of each artist, where the temporal dimension must be attended as a mandatory reference.


Roxana M. Bermejo

Trans - Figuration