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A Play of Light, Color & Shadow
12 Photographers, 12 Visions
August 19th, 2022      


Digital, Film, Landscape, Urban, Portrait, Documentary, Wildlife, Macro, Street....Photography



"There is a crack in everything/ that’s how the light gets in…"


 Leonard Cohen



Photography is that unique experience of walking through the world connected through a lens without distraction from the vanities of the mind,    observing the constant fluidity of poetry that the universe offers to us. Walking through the streets, detailing the architecture of everything, nature, observing from afar, (which is nothing more than another way of looking from the inside), people, the movement of life that translates into a play of light and shadows. Being one with the geometry of things.


Gary Anuez, Curator

"A Play of Light, Color & Shadow” primera exhibición del Museum of Contemporary Art of the Americas (MoCAA) diseña tres escenarios fundamentales en la concepción de la fotografía. Doce artistas conforman esta legitima transición de lo que hasta hoy había sido conocido como art center y hoy es museo. Adrián Menéndez, Ángel González, Dan Gangeri, Daniel Barroso, Gary Anuez, Giorgio Viera, Humberto Castro, Rubén Arenas, Sebastián Elizondo, Raul Francisco Dorticos, Nestor Arenas y Panol de la Vega, conforman un conglomerado visual -antitético y díscolo- que –en primer lugar- antepone la legitimidad de una exploración visual al deseo mismo de la imagen como finalidad.


En segundo lugar, sorprende en su curaduría el desapego profiláctico que se hace con cierta fotografía auto-referencial, una fotografía que coquetea consigo misma y que muchas veces tiene en el selfie un ejercicio de auto-contemplacion hedonista. Finalmente, “A Play of Light, Color & Shadow” propone un drástico cambio del objeto fotográfico para emplazar su mirada en un ejercicio profundo de meditación y silencio antropológico.

Excerpt from Antonio Correa's essay "Espasmos Ontológicos," 2022

12 Photographers

Adrian Menéndez 

Adrian Menéndez is a Cuban-American artist based in Miami. He was born in Madrid, Spain, in 1992. He is a multidisciplinary artist proficient in photography, painting, ceramics, and bronze working amongst other media. He graduated with a Bachelors in Art History and Philosophy at Florida International University (FIU), and currently works  as a professional artist in Miami, FL. His film photography is dominated by night shots  of areas in and around Miami, that depict  objects, buildings and other inanimate subject matter; portraits and urban landscapes. 



Angel Gonzalez 

Angel Segundo Gonzalez was born in Havana, Cuba on June 1st, 1965. He graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts in Havana with a BA of Arts in Audiovisual Communications & Media, specializing in cinematography and directing. “Street photography is something  that I love, in the sense that I am able to document a moment in time, a place, always trying to find the angle that turns it into a work of art. The world of classic cars particularly catches my attention, and photographing them has become almost an obsession. Cars as cult objects and marvels of design. Photography has allowed me to focus my gaze on the dialogue between the object and its surroundings."









Daniel Barroso

Daniel Barroso is a recreational photographer currently living and working in Miami, FL, he graduated from Miami-Dade College. A longtime lover of film photography, Barroso,  along with fellow artist Adrian Menéndez, has overseen the completion of a dark room for their photographic work. Barroso’s series Viertus Haus mainly depicts the people and places present in his daily life; reflecting his own world through his work. 












Daniel Jeffrey Gangeri

Daniel Jeffrey Gangeri is a wildlife and landscape photographer. He graduated from Barry University in 2012 with a Master of Science in Educational Leadership. He currently works as the Assistant Principal in Miami Lakes K-8 Center. Gangeri focuses specifically on wildlife, landscape and nature photography, aiming to share the beauty and wonder of the natural world through his photographs. His latest series included action shots of a Belted Kingfisher during its morning feeding routine. “A three-hour pre-sunrise drive later and I was set up in my blind an hour before the sun would peak            over the horizon...The clouds rolled in quickly just after sunrise, then the torrential rain began to fall. This would not deter the Kingfisher (or the photographer). The resulting shots truly demonstrate why this little bird is king...”