About The Rodriguez Collection publications


The Rodriguez Collection publications exemplify research of the Kendall Art Center staff, associates curators and art critics that contribute to the program, and serve as a valuable resource to scholars, students, and art lovers alike.


From its founding in 2016, The Rodriguez Collection has published exhibition catalogues, collection catalogue, and books about the collection. Today it is one of the leading privately owned Cuban contemporary art collections open to the public in the world, and its award-winning books consistently set the standard for scholarship, production values, and elegant design. Each year, The Kendall Art Center produces about 15 exhibition and collection catalogues and books, geared to a general audience, that focuses on works in The Rodriguez Collection or exhibitions displayed at the Kendall Art Center.


Current book titles are in-print, with a link to purchase the book.


The Rodriguez Collection publications program will continue to expand in scope in order to reach the broadest possible audience, thus fulfilling the institution's mission to increase public awareness of and appreciation for art, presenting insightful scholarly discussions and diverse voices on works of art, art history, and especially in The Rodriguez Collection and Kendall Art Center exhibitions.

Catalago Ceramic Plate cover
W2 Book cover
Almaguer cover
100 artists in the RC
D FINE book Cover copy
Across Time RC
Beyond The Collector’s Kabinet
Women Artists RC
Art Looking North
The Repeating Island
Gina Pellón
Gina Pellón
Pedro Avila
Ciro Quintana
Lia Galletti
Abstracto Continuo
José Bedia
Rubén Torres Llorca
Néstor Arenas
Carlos Estévez
Adriano Buergo
Ivonne Ferrer
Aldo Menendez
Aimee Perez
Milena Martinez
Maikel Dominguez
Julio Figueroa Beltran
Miguel Saludes
Alvaro Labañino
Yourden Ricardo
Vicente Dopico
Silvio Gaytón
Francisco Bernal
Salvo Catalago cover
Ernesto Ferriol
Reynerio Tamayo
Reynerio Tamayo
Across Time Adstractions
Ruben Rodriguez
R 10
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