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The Kendall Art Center/Rodríguez Collection is being shaped not just as a gallery or a museum space to host Rodríguez’s collection but as a living stage for the community, a vital source of reference for new and not so new generations.



Kendall Art Center (KAC), is dedicated to promoting the work of contemporary artists, and to the exchange of art and ideas throughout the Miami region and internationally. Through an energetic calendar of exhibitions, programs, and its collections, KAC provides an international platform for the work of established and emerging artists, advancing the public appreciation and understanding of the art. 



The Kendall Art Center’s (KAC) vision is to be an active participant in the art community of South Florida and abroad, while providing education and awareness in the visual arts.



Kendall Art Center (KAC) aims to educate and create an ongoing dialogue with the public in the concepts of contemporary art and its role in society. By exhibiting the work of emerging, established, international and local artists, K.A.C fosters education that stimulates critical thinking and art appreciation. Our vision is to be an active participant in the art community of South Florida and abroad, while enriching the quality of life and art experience of the community.

Activities focus on works of art in the Kendall Art Center collection and special exhibitions. Through discussion, research, art making, and writing activities, we hope to encourage close looking, foster conversation between students, community and artists.


Every year approximately 20,000 people visit Kendall Art Center. Although this is only one portion of the total Kendall Art Center audience—which also includes people who read Kendall Art Center publications, visit Kendall Art Center websites, participate in Kendall Art Center outreach programs, and collaborate with Kendall Art Center researchers—on-site visitors are the Institution’s core constituency. Their experiences in Kendall Art Center shape public perceptions of our community across the nation and the world. 

Leonardo Rodríguez Jr. Opening Kendall Art Center, July 15, 2016.
Board of Trustees
Maria Baños
Leonardo Rodríguez
Adriana Garcia
Leonardo Rodríguez Jr
Milena Martinez
Gary Anuez
Executive Director of Education
Ariel Pedrosa
Ivonne Ferrer
Ciro Quintana
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