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2021 - 2022

Nov 2021 - Feb 2022



As part of the ART IN THE COMMUNITY programs, Kendall Art Center will present “Family Ties” Two histories where parents and children have given their energies completely to this vocation, different generations and ways of seeing and expressing, but the same passion and dedication. In a country of diversity, these two unique families raised their children under very different environments and had very different experiences and paths themselves that in the end, always leads to art. 

Mar 2022 - May 2022



As part of the WOMAN IN THE ARTS program, Kendall Art Center will present “Women Artists in the Collection,” a selection of contemporary artworks by female artists of the community. This exhibition, curated and moderated by Yuneikys Villalonga, will highlight the tremendous diversity in the Miami Metro area and explore the vibrant artistic energy of women artists from many cultural backgrounds. 


May 2022 - July 2022



Kendall Art Center in collaboration with Florida International University and Miami International University of Art & Design will present “Master of Fine Arts” with the aim to promote and launches graduate's student into the contemporary art community. An annual exhibition that allows the Kendall Art Center to celebrate the achievements of the graduating students in the MFA program in local universities. Curated by recent graduates of curatorial studies and museum practices.

Our programs include all year round: Art exhibitions, creative workshops, presentations, lectures, research, art making and guided  tours.

Community Programs

Our programs focus on works of artists in the community. Through art exhibitions, creative workshop, presentations, lectures, research, art making and guided  tours, we hope to encourage close look, foster conversation between students, community and artists.


Art Exhibitions, Creative Workshops, Art Presentations, Art Lectures, Panel Discussions, Meet the Artist, Collection Review and Guided Tours



Art Exhibitions, Art Presentations, Art Lectures, Panel Discussions, Meet the Artist and Guided Tours 


Art Exhibitions, Art Presentations, Art Lectures, Panel Discussions, Meet the Artist and Guided Tours 


Music Concert and Presentations


Book Presentation, Panel Discussions and Review


Art Exhibitions, Creative Workshops and Book Presentation 


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As part of our ART IN THE COMMUNITY program, the Museum of Contemporary Art of the Americas (formerly known as the Kendall Art Center) features a presentation and artist talk with the Ceramic League of Miami's Joe Robinson, local artist and master potter. MoCAA and the Fine Art Ceramic Center is dedicated supporting local ceramic artists, and increasing appreciation for the ceramic arts. 




As part of our ART & LITERATURE program, the Museum of Contemporary Art of the Americas (formerly known as the Kendall Art Center) features a presentation and panel discussion on the newly published book, "Fuera de este mundo: Comentarios sobre cine, televisión, sociedad y cultura" (Out of this World: Commentary on Film, Television, Society and Culture) by Rafael Piñeiro López. 



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In collaboration with the University of Miami's ceramic and fine arts department, the KACC is proud to present the newest installment of our annual program SOFLO New Art. This program focuses on giving graduating MFA students the opportunity to exhibit their best work and enter the art world with exhibition and curating experience. Showing alongside their professor Carlos E Prado, ceramic graduate students Anthony Magnetti, Kim Bauldree, Sepideh Kalani and Elizabeth Guignino each showcase their different and unique approach to the art of ceramics in Circle of Influence. 




Women Artists in the RC.jpg

As part of our WOMEN IN THE ARTS program, the Kendall Art Cultural Center presents it's third installment of Women Artists in the Rodríguez Collection with invited artist Gladys Triana in her adjacent solo exhibition: Gladys Triana in PERSPECTIVE. This collective exhibition of works by women artists from Leonardo Rodríguez's permanent collection, celebrates the important contributions these women have made to the arts with their innovation and creativity. The artwork in this exhibition showcases the work of women across generations; emphasizing the differences in style, expression and subject matter, which help us understand the unique vision and visual language inherent in each artist's work. 




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As part of our ART & MUSIC program, the Kendall Art Center presents classical guitarist ARTURO CASTRO NOGUERAS. The concert takes place alongside the exhibition Family Ties, a showcase featuring the art of two families completely composed of artists. As a classical musician, Arturo has performed extensively around the globe during the last decade. He has led presentations and workshops in major cities, including Lagos, Belgrade, San Juan, Havana, Berlin and Paris. He has also performed as a soloist with the Neue Philharmonie Westfalen from Germany, the Aldworth Philharmonic Orchestra in England, and the Puerto Rico Symphony Orchestra. This program explores the vibrant artistic energy of both visual and musical artists by presenting them in tandem, allowing audiences to enjoy the different forms of art supported by the Kendall Art Cultural Center. 



• WOMAN IN THE ARTS: Art Presentation

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As part of the WOMAN IN THE ARTS programs, the Kendall Art Center is presenting at the Women in art lecture series. The lecture looks at women in art, the struggles they face and how they overcome them. The ethics of feminism, collectivism, equality and working art extend from these early groups into women’s activities in the following decades. Highlighting the tremendous diversity in the Miami Metro area, this lecture explores the vibrant artistic energy of women artists from many cultural backgrounds who have been collected by Cuban-born American businessman Leonardo Rodriguez and his family.

Moderated by Roxana M. Bermejo.





JAZZ at KAC: NEGRONI’S TRIOT at Kendall Art Center As part of the of Art and Music programs. Three-time Grammy nominees and Sony Music Latin artists…The Negroni’s Trio is an intimate ensemble that performs on stages throughout the world including many U.S. and international Jazz festivals as well as numerous key Jazz venues throughout the United States, Japan, Spain, Italy, South America, the Caribbean, Latin America.



• WOMAN IN THE ARTS: Art Presentation

Repit 2.jpg

As part of the WOMAN IN THE ARTS programs, Kendall Art Center presents: Pubic Manifesto, a feminist action featuring political and cultural dimensions that the Cuba-born artist based in Costa Rica, Aimée Joaristi, has carried out in several cities around the world. Devised drawing on the dramaturgy of the performance, it ended up expanding its boundaries and becoming a de facto cultural gesture of protest, affirmation and empowerment of the female voice.

Moderated by Roxana M. Bermejo.



• ART IN THE COMMUNITY: Contemporary Art Lectures


“The Repeating Island” Contemporary Art Lectures examines particular artistic practices in Cuba, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. For this edition of Miami Art Week 2019, Presencia arrives at the Kendall Art Center with more comprehensive projects that explore contemporary Insular Caribbean Hispanic art, either produced on the islands, or in diaspora. “The Repeating Island” demonstrates the rich and diverse cultures of the Hispanic Caribbean Islands.

Moderated by Roxana M. Bermejo.



• WOMAN IN THE ARTS: Book Presentation


As part of the WOMAN IN THE ARTS programs, Kendall Art Center presents an exclusive presentation of the book “La Resina Ámbar” by Zaida del Río. Zaida is one of Cuba’s most respected living female artists today. She gathers inspiration from her most profound desires for an equitable world in balance with Mother Nature. 

Moderated by Henry Ballate.



• ART & LITERATURE: Panel Discussion


The II Convención de la Cubanidad by the Instituto Cubano de Ciencias Culturales de la Diáspora (ICCCD) discusses in Kendall Art Center the topics on Heritage and Generations of Cuban culture in exile and the Diaspora. 

Panel 1: What cultural elements of the Cuban tradition have been perpetuated in the Diaspora during the last 60 years?
Panel 2: What cultural elements of the Cuban tradition have been transformed, or have expired, in the Diaspora during the last 60 years, and what new currents and traditions have emerged in it?

Moderated by Angel Velázquez Callejas, Roger Castillejo Olán, Augusto Lemus Martínez, Humberto Castro and Ricardo Pau-Llosa.



• ART IN THE COMMUNITY: Collection Review


CdeCuba Art Collection founded by Ximo Sánchez in 2008 together with the editorial project of the same name, has strived since the beginning to promote the production and the current thought about the visual arts from within and outside the island, with a clear vision to promote and present artists at an international level. Multi-disciplined in character, the collection includes paintings, drawings, art objects, recordings, photography, sculpture and installation with works dating from 1999 to 2020. La Colección is constantly growing and until now contains 450 works from 280 artists situated in Cuba, The United States, Latin America and Europe.

Moderated by Ximo Sánchez and Antonio Correa



• ART IN THE COMMUNITY: Book Presentation


An all-inclusive book on the works, artists and exhibitions of The Rodríguez Collection, with more than 50 superbly reproduced artworks from one of Miami’s foremost collectors of Cuban contemporary art. This title is dedicated to showcasing the unique visual traditions of the island, spanning decades of styles and subjects, culminating in a volume sure to be an indispensable addition or introduction for any art enthusiast. This title presents an ideal tour and scholarship on some of the best this comprehensive collection and Miami, has to offer.

Moderated by Roxana M Bermejo, Odette Artiles, Gary Anuez, Henry Ballate, Aldo Menedez and Leonardo Rodriguez.





The Cuban Music concert, recalling the most emblematic themes of the popular and classical songs of Cuban music. Piano accompaniment by Moldavian pianist Larisa Soboleva, Cuban-American tenor Rolando Polo and Ukranian Cuban Soprano Anzeina Alejandrovna.


• ART IN THE COMMUNITY: Collection Review


“Artists and friends” in the Hamlet Collection is the second exhibition presented by The Rodríguez Collection in collaboration with other private collections as part of the program to unveil art that was produced in Cuba and today is preserved outside the island. The panelists review the status of the collection and discuss in preservation and cataloging.

Moderated by Ivonne Ferrer and Henry Ballate.





The crazy-haired family: by Berenice Morales. In this story, the author shows us how sometimes a decision we make can transform the lives of others. Thomin, the protagonist of this story, leaves us a lesson “the importance of friendship”, when he decides to help his friend Paquito, and put an end to the teasing and abuse that he suffers at school.

Moderated by Berenice Morales.


• WOMAN IN THE ARTS: Presentation and Exhibition


As part of the WOMAN IN THE ARTS programs, Kendall Art Center presents: “CIELO DESPEJADO” Emma Artiles is a Cuban writer and cartoonist living in Miami. She has a degree in Spanish and Literature. She has published three books of poetry, an illustrated album and two novels for children and young people. "Clear Sky" deals with the relationship of a five-year-old girl and her grandmother at the moment when the signs of Alzheimer's begin to appear.

Moderated by Emma Artiles.




“Twinkle Twinkle” MoBe Music Studio presents a musical and sensory journey where sounds will appropriate your imagination, connecting with the essence of music and enjoying a great family experience. This presentation will have as a special guest the recently won violinist of the Latin Grammy Winnie Camila Berg , under the artistic direction of Karla Berg. Mobe Music Studio a space to grow.





As part of the ART & CHILDREN programs, Kendall Art Center is proud to presents: SMACH, South Miami Art Show in collaboration with Miami-Dade County Public Schools.