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Carlos Acostaneyra

Carlos Acostaneyra (b. in Habana, Cuba). Graduated of Academy of Art San Alejandro is a very talented watercolorist, oil and acrylic painter. His artworks walk the line between abstraction and figuration, fantasy and reality. His work shows a high level of skill and mastery of craft that is quite impressive. His work has been exhibited in galleries and museums in Cuba, U.S. and other countries. 1992 Colective Expositions: Galeria de Arte 23 y 12, Galeria de Arte Amelia Pelaez. La Habana, Cuba. 1994 Galeria de Arte HerCar.La Habana,Cuba. 1997-Sobrenaturalmente Sobrio. Solo Show Galeria de Arte HerCar. La Habana Cuba. 1998 La Havana Gallery. Burlingame,California. 2001 Galeria Arte 2000, Miami Fl. 2002 Maxoly Art Cuban Gallery. Miami Fl. 2003- GDS Art Gallery. Miami Fl. 2004- Fraga Fine Art Gallery.Miami,Fl. 2005- Unzueta Gallery. Miami Fl. 2006- ZuGaleria Fine Art.Miami Fl 2007 Maria Calas Art Galery.Miami Fl. 2008 Gloria Allisson Art Galery. Miami Fl.

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