Adrián Menéndez / Flourescent black curated by Anelys Álvarez

Adrián Menéndez / Flourescent black

OPENING: Friday, Apr 5, 2019


Anelys Álvarez


Process is an important part of Adrián Menéndez practice as each painting can change many times before reaching its final version. In the process, the artist experiment with the selection and intensity of colors as well as with the intentional clash between the free brushstroke of the gestural painting and line drawing. However, the author of Pulse, M11 train Bomb, 9/11 and Sandy Hook Locker does no make art in a vacuum confining abstract art to formalism. The Fluorescent Black series is part of a larger body of works dealing with violence, suffering, memory and the social turmoil of American reality. This series takes inspiration form a long list of violent acts including terror attacks and mass shooting whose frequency has increased exponentially in the last decade. In an act of synthesis that aims to capture the ephemeral nature of memory, the artist eliminates all circumstantial elements to leave only traces of the crime scene. The fine lines recreating a bar countertop, a window or a door, and the vibrant acrylic or natural colors are remnants of the tragedy.  For Menéndez, the tragedy of our time goes beyond each carnage to involve the desensitization effects of being continuously exposed to violence through the media. As an educator himself, the artist communicates his concerns about the future making a point on the time constrains and other issues faced by the America families at large. His original approach to materials is combined with a philosophical message about violence, segregation and other social matters that link this series of paintings to his performances, video and other digital works.



Flourescent Black

Diario Las Américas

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