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Ahmed Gómez
Ahmed Gómez (b. Holguin Cuba, 1972). He graduated from the Higher Institute of Art (Havana), the National School of Art (Havana), and the Vocational School of Art (Holguin, Cuba). Some of his recent exhibitions include, “Modern Times” (Bloenphot Gallery, Curacao, 2014), “Cachita: The Infinite Lightness of Being” (Colegio Belen, Miami, 2013), “Ways of Worldmaking. Arturo Mosquera Collection.” (Miami Dade College Museum of Art and Design, 2010), and “The Sculptured Object” (Havana, 1989), among others. His work is part of several private collections in the U.S. such as The Mosquera Collection (Miami).

Ahmed Gomez Untitled 2008 acrylic on canvas 77x 61.”

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