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Alfonso Castillo

Angel A. Alfonso Castillo was born in 1947 in the City of Havana, Cuba. Linked to a universe of arts for more than 30 years and holding various positions through his career, including Deputy Director of the Museum of Fine Arts and the Center of Development for Visual Arts, Havana, Cuba, Angel Alfonso initiated his career in the plastic arts at the Lenin Park in his home city. Angel Alfonso has done more than 50 exhibitions from which 29 are solo. Angel Alfonso is a genuine artist. His art is not compromised or biased, it is free and spontaneous. In his art colors flow and gradate, leaving the observer to discover on his own, what is hidden behind the lines, strokes and shadows. Each painting is an invitation to think and reflect, but more than anything, it is a spectacle of intertwined lights and shadows that capture both experts and novices in its colorful nets. Alfonso’s art is a celebration where colors dance. Sometimes with soft steps as a ballerina, sometimes energetic as a tango and others frenetic as an African dance. But beyond its colors, hidden behind the strokes, a message lays waiting to be discovered. Once this occurs, magic is produced between the art and its spectator, who is now captivated forever.

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