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Allison Kotzig

Allison Kotzig is an international conceptual, installation, mixed-media and video artist. Her challenging and often amusing 3-d pieces highlight misogynistic undercurrents in culture through the use of toys, found polaroids and other objects. Her video work addresses the dreamy interface between reality and trance and our individual connection to Infinity and the Universe. She is involved with the nomadic Public Art projects NestGen and Giants in the City, which brings monumental inflatable sculpture to cities around the world. She currently splits her time between Miami and a small village in the foothills of the Slovak Carpathian Mountains, where she helps to run an Inn and organic slow food restaurant dedicated to local produce, ethical practices and DIY products.


Allison Kotzig, Ouroboros Nest, 2014, Pelvic bone on board. 12×16"

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