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Ana Albertina Delgado


Ana Albertina Delgado (b. Havana, Cuba, 1963) Has lived and produced her art in Miami since 1993, for two years she lived in Mexico City and in 1999 she obtained her U.S. citizenship. Ana Albertina began her studies of fine arts in 1979 at the San Alejandro National School of Fine Arts in Havana, the oldest high school of the arts in Cuba. She graduated in 1983 and entered the university-level Higher Institute of the Arts (ISA). By 1988 Ana had obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts with a major. Beginning in 1986, Ana Albertina founded the arts group known as Pure together with four other artists. Pure was a contribution to the Cuban esthetic, it incorporated popular and social themes into the art work. The special accent of Ana’s work focuses on the feminine side and to observe the borders between feminine or masculine criteria about our sensuality. Ana has also participated in several group exhibitions of her generation, known in Cuba as the Generation of the Eighties. This took place in Cuba, Latin America, the United States and Europe. In the eighties Ana has also had solo-shows, in Cuba, Mexico and United States.

“Former member of Puré, an art collective that shook the Cuban cultural scene of the second half of the eighties through public interventions that questioned everyday life in Cuba, Ana Albertina’s oeuvre is always a very personal interpretation of our quotidianity, desires, fears, and prejudices. Ana’s peculiar world is populated with dissimilar influences ranging from Cuban popular culture to feminist concerns. Intertwined in her works, are elements of Afro-Cuban imaginary, Cuban-peasant mythology, Mexican folklore, among others, that engender a sui generis fabulation. Her proposal -easily linked to the unconscious- hides a very analytic reflexion on ontological issues where femininity becomes the main path to discourse on memory, legacy and prejudices.”


Janet Batet

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