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Ariel Cabrera

Ariel Cabrera Montejo (b. in Camaguey, Cuba in 1982). If every painting tries to tell a story, then the work of Ariel Cabrera is a mixture of stories with divergent origins: The Hispano-Cuban, American war, due in large part to Joseph Pulitzer, or the insatiable graphic appetites of bourgeois libido, before the end of “La Belle Epoque”. The heroes and heroines of these oils and watercolors are travelling companions of the mythical Cuban general Mambises, the hard working Admiral Cervera, and the fearsome Rough Riders of Teddy Roosevelt. “In my work, I select images taken from pre-established heritage documents to enter rough areas and aspects little touched by the cuban history, setting refrences relating to the beginnings of photography and its forums of dialogue with painting.”

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