BEYOND THE COLLECTOR’S KABINET (Part II) curated by Raisa Clavijo


OPENING: Friday, Aug 16, 2016



Kendall Art Center opens its doors on July 15, 2016 with an exhibition that will include significant pieces from the Leonardo Rodríguez Collection, Beyond the Collector’s Kabinet, curated by Raisa Clavijo. The exhibition includes works by Jose Bedia, Rubén Torres Llorca, Tomas Esson, Pedro Pablo Oliva, Manuel Mendive, Ciro Quintana, Pedro Vizcaíno, Henry Ballate, Néstor Arenas, Manuel Mendive, Silvio Gaytón, Vicente Dopico Lerner, Aisar Jalil, Pedro Avila Gendis, José Orbeín, Ahmed Gómez, Angel Delgado, Geandy Pavón, Jose María Mijares, Cundo Bermúdez and Gina Pellón.


According to Henry Ballate Director of the Kendall Art Center, the center plans to have a rich program of exhibitions. “Kendall Art Center aims to educate and create an ongoing dialogue with the public in the concepts of contemporary art and its role in society,” he says. “Our vision is to be an active participant of the art community in South Florida and abroad while enriching the quality of life and art experience of the our community.”


Kendall Art Center (KAC), is dedicated to promoting the work of contemporary artists, and to the exchange of art and ideas throughout the Miami region and internationally. Through an energetic calendar of exhibitions, programs, and its collections, KAC provides an international platform for the work of established and emerging artists, advancing the public appreciation and understanding of the art. 


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