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Arturo Cuenca


Arturo Cuenca (b. Holguín, Cuba in 1955). Although working from photo documentation, Cuenca approaches photography as “para-consciousness,” creating an internal vision from exterior "realities" or what the eye sees. Cuenca is interested in ideas and the process of visualization. Just as he plays with the experience of "seeing", Cuenca plays with language, making text and letters an inherent part of his work. His work is layered with fragments of time and the experience of trans-migration from Havana, Cuba to New York. But his connections with the past are far less direct or personal than those of Eduardo Muñoz. It is the present, in fact, and the powerful "grounding" of New York that Cuenca articulates in this work. Trained as a painter, Cuenca creates each work as a unique object. He is now working almost entirely with computers. He lives and Works in Miami Florida.

Arturo Cuenca, Ciencia e ideología, 1986. AP-2014, print on canvas, 20 x 40.”

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