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Joaquin Ferrer


Joaquin Ferrer (b. July 4, 1929 in Manzanillo,Cuba) Ferrer is a painter and cartoonist linked to the movement of lyrical abstraction. Ferrer began taking an interest in surrealism, but always kept a certain distance and preferred a non-figurative world, “neither dreamlike nor fantastic.” Ferrer arrived in Paris for a scholarship obtained in 1960 to continue his studies and decided to remain permanently, reveals his perpetual attention to the beings and things, shapes, colors and structures of trees, birds or variations of the light. Formed in the School of Fine Arts of Havana, Ferrer lived during the last decades “more and more a relative solitude, away from the artistic and worldly means”, without ceasing to interest his faithful collectors in France and abroad. After the Museum of Modern Art of the Cuban capital, where he made his first exhibitions between 1954 and 1958, and the gallery Le Point which organized his first Parisian show, the artist showed his work in art centers such as the Maeght Foundation and the Museum of Modern Art of the Villa of Paris.

Joaquín Ferrer, Lancer le diaporama, 2008, oil on canvas, 18 x 20.”

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