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Francisco R. Hernandez Flandez (b. in Matanzas, Cuba in 1966) Flandez initiated his career becoming  a pioneer of his time at the Adult Amateur School of Arts Wilfredo Lam in Matanzas at the age of nine, where he unravels  his passion for the sculptures, simultanuesly he started studying at the EVA, Vocational School of Arts in Matanzas. In 1985 Flandez graduated from the (ENA) National School of Arts of Havana, Cuba, granting his work with a Monumental character. Awarded in 1988 at the Second International Symposium of Sculpture: Shape, Sun & Field, Baconao National Park Santiago de Cuba, Cuba. 1994-2002  Flandez worked as an independent artist in the island, participating in a diversity of events and galleries, Sol Palmeras, Melia Las Americas. Also colaborating with other entities like the Spiral Dance Company of Matanzas Cuba, and the ACAA. He currently lives in Miami, Florida, US.


The simplicity and elegance of the pieces distances once in the gallery from it provenance acquiring a new aesthetic. About Flandez art, curator Hortensia Montero told us: “The representation of his images seems to be more spiritual than physical, given the delicate and precise way in which the elements that emerge in each proposal are executed. What is unique in its production is the originality of each exponent associated with the theme of resurrection, of rebirth. In its iconography it is noticed how the apparent movement of the elements is achieved after achieving an exact balance between the constituent parts of each project, where it recreates elements suggestive of the natural environment. Each work obeys a unique treatment, which signifies the spirit and energy that emerges from each exponent”.

Fladez Danzando II.jpg

Francisco R. Hernandez Flandez Danzando II, 2017

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