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Giorgio Viera

Giorgio Viera was born in Havana, Cuba in 1972. He studied and majored in photography at the Institute of Fine Arts in Havana. While working for the local newspaper as a photographer, he discovered the corners of an unknown city--and country, where the marginalized existed. Through his work, Viera seeks to simultaneously relate and involve his viewer with the environment of the destitute--the forgotten ones. Although this is a constant subject in his art, he never abandons the poetic nature of everyday life that reality offers. But his vision is not aggressive, rather moving, making the audience turn  to observe universes that are sometimes ignored, and therefore, become alien to. 

Rodriguez Collection_Giorgio VIERA 06_Campesinos Felices_1999_Cienega de Zapata, Matanzas,

Campesinos Felices, 1999, Cienega de Zapata, Mantanzas, Cuba, digital impression on hahnemuhle paper, 24 x 36"

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