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William D. Hough


William D. Hough (b. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil). Bill has spent most of his life living and traveling in foreign lands. Born in Brazil, he has worked and/or lived in various Latin American countries, the US, Asia, and Europe. He speaks several languages and is fascinated by different peoples and cultures. Photography has always been a part of his life and covers a wide array of themes, colors, designs and forms. He won his first photography award in Brazil in 1973. In 2005, he created Bonita Photos. In 2009, he visited Venice at the request of local merchants to do commercial photographs. In 2015, Bill had a three month exhibit at the Wynwood Brewery in Wynwood, Miami. Bill is the author of several books of photography including “Flowers - The Splendid Beauty around Us” (2007); “Faces - The reflection of humanity” (2007); “The Best of Bonita Photos” (2008); “Color Strike” (2012), a collection of dramatic photographic abstracts, and “Sophisticates (2015), a collection of lovely ladies in black and white. Recently, he produced an ebook on Amazon, “Gotcha, click!: A Humanist’s Guide to Street Photography” (2016).


0760117 William Hough, Rainbow Woman, 2013, Photography on metallic paper, 24 x 36."

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