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Ismael Gonzalez


Ismael Gonzalez was raised in Havana, Cuba, studied at the Academy of Arts of San Alejandro in 1970-1972, but his studies were interrupted by the Military Service that same year. In 1978 he sought and achieved political asylum in Madrid Spain. Later that same year, he was able to fulfill his dream of coming to the United States. Ismael settled in Los Angeles. His works ranges from acrylic on canvas, collages, graphic designs, photography to contemporary functional art which includes clocks, telephones, lamps, teapots and assemblages, all made from unusual and intriguing objects, from WWII airplane parts, rockets and labs scrap metal. In June 2003 Ismael relocated to Miami for a more tropical lifestyle and to be closer to his roots. In past years he has participated in numerous local shows winning prizes and certificates of achievements. His works has been published in books and magazines and are part of important collections like Sonny and Gloria Kamm tea pot collection. Colors, shapes and contrasting images are the vehicles I use to express my feelings of life. Man creates, but not all of us see that same purpose. Scrap parts become whimsical creations, bits of paper become surrealistic images and color brings warmth.


Ismael Gonzalez, The Thing, 2013, mixed media, 18 x 12 x 6”  

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