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Moisés Finalé


Moisés Finalé (Matanzas, Cuba 1957) The rising career of Moisés Finalé starts at the Provincial Art School in Matanzas, where he graduated in 1975. In Havana, he studied from that year on at the National Art School (ENA), being a disciple of relevant artists like Antonio Vidal and Julio Girona. When he finished in 1979, he registered at the Higher Institute of Arts (ISA), where he grew as an artist until he finished his education in 1984. His first awards are from the stage of his university formation, with awards in the contests 13 de Marzo and 26 de Julio Hall (1983), which were followed by a First Prize at the 9th International Exhibition of Original Drawings organized by the Modern Gallery of Rijeka, Yugoslavia, in 1984. His works are moved early to Cuba’s most important collection when a group of eleven of his pieces was acquired in 1988, and showed in the exhibition Alto, medio, bajo [High, medium, low], belonging to the event Artist of the Month of the National Museum of Fine Arts in Havana. Ever since, he has had more than fifty solo exhibitions in Cuba, France, Spain, the United States and Switzerland, a number that has been almost duplicated by his participation in group exhibitions, outstanding among them the Biennials of Havana, the sixth edition of the project Telarte, the joint exhibition with the artists Manuel Mendive and Humberto Castro at the Paris gallery Le Monde de l’Art (1992) and that extended their presence to scenarios in Yugoslavia, Italy, Chile, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Denmark, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Brazil, Colombia, the United States, and Mexico. In 1999, he was included in the Dictionary of Painters, sculptors, designers and engravers (E. Benezzit, volume 5, Günd, Paris,), and in 2001, he became again a referent on the pages of two dictionaries, this time Arts plastiques Modernes et Contemporéens (Jean-Pierre Delarge, Gründ, Paris) and Memoria: Cuban Art of the 20th Century (International Arts Fundation, California). In that same year, Cercle d’Art Editions, created by Picasso in 1949, published the book Moisés Finalé (monography 1987-2000), with the text “Le rituel infini” by the writer Zoe Valdés. For more than twenty years, he has made the posters of the Film Festival Recontres d´Amerique Latine, in Toulouse. A large bibliography and filmography about art has mentioned Moisés Finalé’s work, also represented in relevant public and private collections all around the globe.

Moisés Finalé, Floating love, 2013, Mixed technique on canvas, 40 x 31”
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