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Osiris Cisneros

Osiris Cisneros (b. Havana, Cuba,1985) Photographer and painter. Lipstick is a photographic series that uses thread being women in all its breadth. In this way, with a focus on physical appearance, I make an approach to the image and role built for Females in a world governed by multiple stigmata. Illusory scenarios become critical evidence emotional states suggested in poses, glances, silences ... The game appearances is emphasized in the very use of media, large canvases in the fashion pictorial huge now photographs that melt the glass and play value / color and if creating different realities of the same phenomenon. His works are in private collections in France, Mexico, Spain, Venezuela, Ecuador and Cuba.

(...) This author part of the metaphor of the body as multiple narratives viable agent , whether these type cultural, social, psychological ... also uses a bold handling photographic lighting , the strong contrasts of light and shadow, dynamism and mobility of compositional schemes and angulation of the camera , among other resources to be account . It also breathes great theatricality and histrionics in the poses of the characters, and the set design by the locations chosen, pregnant of a world of objects in short significant talkative. Osiris strongly questioned the  behaviors and responsibilities that historically societies have assigned gender roles , are asked all the time what is masculine and feminine why and how cultural construction ( and policy ) underlying such designations (...)

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