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Patricio Rodríguez

Patricio Rodríguez (b.Havana, Cuba, 1980) He graduated from San Alejandro Academy of Fine Arts. He has participated at several solo and group shows, such as : “ Calar los Límites “ Cultural Center, Charles Chaplin, La Havana, Cuba, 2001. “ Al filo de la Navaja” GE Galería , San Pedro, Nuevo León, Mexico, 2010. “ Los   Cortes Hablan” The Art Gallery at Eissey Campus, Palm Beach, Florida, EUA, 2020. His artwork can be found in private collections in Cuba, Mexico, France, Spain, and the United States of America. He currently lives and works in Miami, Florida, US.

RC 1700120  Patricio Rodriguez, serie Vi

Patricio Rodriguez, serie Viejos Conocidos, 2014, Hand-cut paper, 40 x 26”

Mural_Patricio R_edited.jpg

Patricio Rodriguez, Hand painted ceramic mural, 2020, 3 x 5'

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