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Guillermo Portieles

Guillermo Portieles (b. La Habana, Cuba, 1963) Portieles graduated from the San Alejandro School, 1986. and from graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Arts from the Instituto Superior de Arte (Havana, Cuba) in 1988. Portieles works can be found in collections in United States, Colombia and Spain and Cuba. He has participated in innumerable collective collections and my last personal presentations have been: "Habana, Enigma de las Ruinas" (2013), "The Wheel Revisited" (2014), "La Rueda Recreada" (2015), "Existencia Natural, como Elefantes Blancos" (2017), "Natural Existence, II" (2019), held until December at the Pompano Beach Cultural Center, in Florida. Recipient of the Individual Artist Grant (2009) by the Art Council Hills-borough, in Tampa, and as the Award of Distinction by the Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival (2008) in Orlando, both in Florida.

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