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Raul Francisco Dorticos

​Raul Francisco Dorticos was born in Havana, Cuba in 1968.  Although originally a musician, Francisco currently works as a professional photographer, who began to develop his own photographs in a make-shift dark room in the back of his apartment. His series depicts photographs of his subjects in the water and represents his original style and technique. His figures are capriciously distorted in the water...There is a great force and movement in his work, which seems almost painterly. “People lower their guard in the water, they feel invisible and relaxed, the least they suspect is that someone  is watching their every move...waiting for the right moment to freeze them in their gestures.” The use of overlapping subjects to create movement is characteristic of his work. 

Rodriguez Collection, Raul Francisco, Samurai (1 of 5), 2022, 36 x 36_.jpg

Kimono (1 of 5, limited run of 5), 2022, digital photo sequence on matte paper,  36 x 36"

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