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Ruben Arenas

Ruben Arenas was born in Spain in 1999; he is the son of notable Cuban artist Nestor Arenas. He began to dabble in digital photography during high school, using it to source images to edit for digital collages and school projects. Arenas attended New World School of the Arts for a short time before applying to Miami-Dade College to major in film photography. He has since then been enamored by the medium, and its countless variables in picture taking, and the stages of processing photographs. His series of photographs of him were taken at his place of work by him, which to him is “… an enjoyable space to photograph.” Subjects with heavy clutter characterize his work by him, elements of “ghost artifacts” or the use of motion blur, and low exposure speeds to compliment weak, artificial interior light. 


Untitled, 2020, ink-jet print on fine art print, 24 x 36"

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