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UNMENTIONABLE Curated by David Mateo 

September 17, 2021



Kendall Art Center presents “Unmentionable by Los Transferencistas”, an exhibition curated by David Mateo, features artworks by Lázaro (Lacho) Martínez, Reineir Usa Torres and Yosvel Hernández.


The methodological and expressive foundations of the multidisciplinary artistic group, Los Transferencistas, led by Lázaro (Lacho) Martínez, began with the thoughtful, inquisitive utilization of abstraction; they are based on knowledge of the conventions that this language is currently experiencing, and on his need to explore other strategies for insight and representation. 

The Transference stimulates methodological and analytical introspection from the dissolution of the ego; concentrating its efforts on the collective management of intellectual and economic resources; collating the shared provisions of multifunctional tools and media. 

The works carried out for Kendall Art Center and in whose production the following artists were directly involved: Lázaro (Lacho) Martínez, Reineir Usa Torres and Yosvel Hernández—reveal the fundamental aesthetic codes of The Transference; the characteristic methods and visual effects of the group’s work. I am referring to the dynamics of emphasis, focus, scale and movement applied in the treatment of drawings; to the use of eclectic compositions, defined by the simulated sketch of technological objects or artifacts; the display of glazes and transparencies; the selective application of color gradations (green, blue, red, black); and the trial of techniques derived from mural painting.  

Furthermore, these paintings reveal the consolidation between technical and iconographic solutions, born from recent interactive exercises with audiovisuals and music, and encourage other strategic possibilities to continue expanding transferential work towards installations and sculpture. 


David Mateo



Join us Friday September 17, 2021, from 6pm-11pm.

Museography by Henry Ballate 

Exhibition coordinator: María Eugenia López Rossitch

Los Transferencistas. Obras para el KAC-1.jpg

This exhibition was made possible in part with the support of the Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs and the Cultural Affairs Council, the Miami-Dade County Mayor and the Board of County Commissioners. 

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