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                A Play of Light, Color & Shadow


12 Photographers, 12 Visions


The Kendall Art Cultural Center (soon to be the Museum of Contemporary Art of the Americas) is proud to present  A Play of Light, Color & Shadow. This exhibition features the work of 12 photographers each with their own style, theme and subject matter. Although this is the third photography exhibition held at KACC, this showcase is different in that no strict theme or "type" was enforced. Instead, each artist brought what they believed best represented them as photographers.


Photography is an exercise in observation, and offers an infinite variety of perceptions, executions and interpretations. Thus, through the lens of these 12 photographers one is able to see 12 different perspective; examples of wildlife, documentary, street, macro, urban, portrait, architecture, and landscape photography, can all be seen. Moreover, all 12 artists come from different backgrounds, generations, schools of thought and techniques, giving rise to unique bodies of work.


The resulting exhibition is a celebration of the medium as an art form, as the selected images communicate the diverse visions of these photographers. Whether digital or film, black and white or in color, photography has a magical way of pulling audiences in, able to speak without saying a word. In the end, no matter the type of camera or subject, a photograph will always be a play of light, color and shadows.

Adrian Menéndez

Angel Gonzalez

Daniel Barroso

Daniel Gangeri

Gary Anuez 

Giorgio Viera

Humberto Castro

Nestor Arenas

Panol de la Vega 

Raul Francisco Dorticos

Ruben Arenas

Sebastian Elizondo


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The Kendall Art Cultural Center (KACC) aims to educate and create an ongoing dialogue with the public in the concepts of contemporary art and its role in society. By exhibiting the work of emerging, established and international, as well as local artists, the K.A.C.C. fosters education that stimulates critical thinking and art appreciation. Activities focus on works of art in the collection and special exhibitions. Through discussion, research, and  art making, we hope to encourage and foster conversation between students, artists and the community at large. 

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