the graphic art of Rafael Zarza


The Kendall Art Cultural Center in collaboration with The Annex Gallery, is proud to host Cuban artist Rafael Zarza's first ever exhibition in the United States, in a new retrospective exhibition of the artists' career. Curated by visual artist R10 (Jorge Rodriguez Diez), this exhibition features over 20 works of art , and three individual series, each denoting a different focus and direction in Zarza's career. Known as the painter of 'taurine' figures, the bull takes on the role of protagonist in Zarza's work becoming a symbol of humanity's virtues and demons such as rage, strength, and elegance. The bull and by extension, bullfighter's, are then graphically mixed with Cuban and American pop culture icons and imagery creating a line of work that is rich in its heavy metaphorical symbolism. 

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The Wonders & Nightmares of Cuban Art 

Ciro Quintana

This exhibition presents the monumental, colorful and allegorically complex works of artist Ciro Quintana, in an overview of his from the 1980s, a formative stage in his career where he defined his style, subject matter and formula. Ciro Quintana (Havana, 1964) is one of the cardinal artists within the second wave of the so-called Cuban Renaissance or New Cuban Art. His work, along with that of Ana Albertina Delgado, Adriano Buergo, Ermi Taño and Lázaro Saavedra, shook the artistic and social panorama of Cuba in 1986 when the iconoclastic group Puré -characterized as by kitsch, junk art, confusion between boundaries of artistic individualities and, above all, the treatment of themes directly associated with the every-day and popular life of Havana at the time - broke into the Havana cultural scene. Although short-lived (the group finally disintegrated in 1987 to give way to the development of the personal poetics of its members), the impact of Puré and its bold collective actions implied a milestone in contemporary Cuban art and, consequently, in the further development of each one of the members of the group.

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