Family Ties 

                                                                        Curated by Yuneikys Villalonga 

The Kendall Art Cultural Center is pleased to announce the upcoming exhibition Family Ties / Lazos Familiares, to open November 26, 2021 In an array of topics, mediums, and styles, the works that integrate the show relate to one another via the family bonds of their creators. They were conceived by members of two successful households of artists and art professionals based in the cities of New Orleans and Miami, respectively. One group is integrated by Luis Cruz Azaceta (Havana, Cuba, 1942) and Sharon Jacques (New Orleans, LA, 1956), along with their son, Dylan Cruz-Azaceta (Brooklyn, New York, 1991) and his partner, Vicky Roberts (Shreveport, LA, 1989). The other includes Aldo Menéndez (Cienfuegos, Cuba, 1948) and Ivonne Ferrer (Havana, Cuba, 1968), as well as their son, Adrián Menéndez (Madrid, Spain, 1992). 


“Good education begins at home,” reads a wise, old saying. This is particularly true of art learning, a life-long process that extends beyond the formal training received in school. How could artists’ sensibility and choices be affected by their interaction with other artist relatives? How do they break (or not) from their creative elders’ aesthetics and vision? As it happens with the artists present in this show, those relationships can be very complex and not necessarily evident in their artistic outcome; yet they are fascinating, and become a metaphor for other aspects of human behavior. Works in Family Ties become portals, not only to the artists’ individual realities and concerns, but also to those chaotic and delightful “kitchen table talks” that are usually missed in the context of the gallery. From art history to personal stories; from national politics, to women’s issues, to violence, and war, we are generously invited to enter home and engage in a conversation with the family,” writes exhibition curator Yuni Villalonga. 

“It is an honor for us to host these amazing artists, grouped around such a unique topic. These families’ successful work is a paradigm of the achievements of so many other Cuban, Cuban-American, and American families in our country, and are a testament of the key role of a supportive community in growing up as an artist,” says Kendall Art Center’s owner and collector Leonardo Rodriguez. 

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