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The Kendall Art Cultural Center is proud to announce the latest installment of our ongoing annual program, SOFLO NEW ART featuring the work of artist and University of Miami ceramics professor, Carlos Enrique Prado in his solo show TAUTOLOGIES. Exhibiting alongside him are his MFA ceramic students: Anthony Magnetti, Kim Bauldree, Sepideh Kalani, and Elizabeth Guignino, in their collective showing CIRCLE OF INFLUENCE. Moreover, this year's SOFLO exhibition is the product of two ceramic studios in collaboration, the University of Miami's Ceramics Department and the KACC's Fine Arts Ceramic Center working together to create a unique showcase on the art of ceramics. 



Carlos Enrique Prado

This exhibition presents my most recent series of ceramic works. These sculptures have been made using 3D modeling software and the 3D clay printer, a technology that is still considered new in ceramics. The works can be described as stacks or piles made from repeated copies of classical figurative sculptures, which have been assembled into new designs and compositions. The title, “Tautologies,” refers to the connection between the meaning of the term and the way in which the content of the pieces unfolds. In general, this series can be contemplated and enjoyed as visual divertimenti, as ingenious games of recycling shared iconographic paradigms. However, on the contrary, they can also be understood, as the title Tautologies clearly indicates, as “statements that are in-themselves redundant,” that are "saying the same thing twice."   

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Anthony Magnetti

Kim Bauldree

Sepideh Kalani &

Elizabeth Guignino

CIRCLE OF INFLUENCE represents the coming together of four graduate students from the University of Miami’s ceramics department to showcase their work. While each artist has their own individual narrative and style, they are bonded by their experiences studying and learning from professors Ivan Albreht and Carlos Enrique Prado; ultimately becoming a part of their program’s legacy. CIRCLE OF INFLUENCE embraces the power of development that occurs when you work around others and how the people around you influence your creativity.

The mission of the University of Miami is to transform lives through education, research, innovation, and service. We are committed to freedom of inquiry-the freedom to think, to question, to criticize, and to dissent. We will pursue excellence in our research and educational missions with the single-mindedness that marks great commitments. We will prepare our students for rewarding lifelong careers and will instill in them a continued and permanent dedication to the search for knowledge and the search for truth. We will provide them with the foundations for ethical citizenship and service to others, a respect for differences among people, and a commitment to high standards of thought and communication. We will provide service to our community and beyond, including the delivery of high-quality, compassionate care through an academic health system. We will strive to transform the world in positive ways through innovative education, impactful research and scholarship, and the translation of knowledge into solutions.

The Kendall Art Cultural Center (KACC) aims to educate and create an ongoing dialogue with the public in the concepts of contemporary art and its role in society. By exhibiting the work of emerging, established and international, as well as local artists, the K.A.C.C. fosters education that stimulates critical thinking and art appreciation. Activities focus on works of art in the collection and special exhibitions. Through discussion, research, and  art making, we hope to encourage and foster conversation between students, artists and the community at large. 

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