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Contemporary Cuban Art Focus of Foosaner Art Museum

An exhibition featuring dozens of contemporary works from Cuban artists at Foosaner Art Museum.

Leonardo Rodríguez Art Collector. Photo courtesy of Angel S. Gonzalez.

Crosscurrents: Contemporary Selections from the Rodríguez Collection of Cuban Artists showcase 56 works by 19 different artists. All objects are from the private Rodríguez Collection, based in Miami. Leonardo Rodríguez amassed his collection over 20 years. The collection reflects the significant artistic developments in contemporary art by established artists from Cuba and it represents a diversity of styles and media.

The art to be displayed at the Foosaner was curated by Executive Director and Chief Curator of University Museums Carla Funk, who chose works that highlight the New Cuban Art movement that arose in the 1980s in the country’s capital, Havana.

“These artists make up the first generation to grow up after the Revolution of 1959,” Funk said. “Ironically, the New Cuban Art movement flourished in spite of the increasingly oppressive control of cultural expression on the island.”

José Bedia's work at Foosaner Art Museum

Artists featured in the Foosaner show include Néstor Arenas, Pedro Ávila Gendis, Henry Ballate, José Bedia, Adriano Buergo, Consuelo Castañeda, Willy Castellanos, Arturo Cuenca, Ana Albertina Delgado, Angel Delgado, Tamáz Esson, Carlos Estévez, Ivonne Ferrer, Rogelio López Marín (Gory), Carlos Luna, Aldo Menéndez, Ciro Quintana, Rubén Torres Llorca and Pedro Vizcaíno.

After graduating from leading art schools including Havana’s San Alejandro Academy and the Higher Institute of Art, these artists banded together in the 1980s to explore new art forms that challenged the state-controlled narrative. Now living in the United States, they continue to push the boundaries of their unique Cuban and exile experiences, question the role of art, and influence their fellow artists at home and abroad.

There will be several events and opportunities to meet featured artists in conjunction with Crosscurrents. Opening day Saturday, Nov. 2, kicks off with a gallery talk by featured artist Henry Ballate, who is also the Miami-based curator in charge of the Rodríguez Collection.

Carla Funk and Henry Ballate, opening day gallery talk. Photo courtesy of Angel S. Gonzalez.

Crosscurrents: Contemporary Selections from the Rodríguez Collection of Cuban Artists will remain on display through March 14, 2020.

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